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Main news today
President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov made a speech at the international conference "Development of cooperation in the Aral sea region to mitigate the consequences of an ecological catastrophe" in Urgench:

IUT - Staff for Stratategic planning
IUT - Staff for Admissions
IUT - Vice rector's assistant
IUT - Academic Affairs staff
TIS - Office Administrative Assistant
IUT - Math Teacher
UNDP - VA#51875 - ICT Specialist
OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Uzbekistan announces RFQ
JSCB "Uzpromstroybank" announces an open tender process
JSCB "Uzpromstroybank" announces an open tender process
Currency rates
  18.11.2014 25.11.2014
EUR / UZS 3006.43 2993.72
RUB / UZS 50.57 52.43
USD / UZS 2396.79 2401.09

International forums of SAIPRO
First Tashkent International Forum "Marketing, Advertising & PR"
VII Tashkent International Investment Financial Forum
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